Rochelle Horn Bio

Rochelle has been in the field of EMS since 1996 when she obtained her EMT license from the state of Missouri.  She began her EMS career working for Joplin Emergency Medical Service known as “JEMS” part time in February 1996.  In the fall of 1996 Rochelle started Paramedic school at Missouri Southern State College gaining her Paramedic license in July 1997 from the state of Missouri.  For 15 years Rochelle worked in SW Missouri as a Paramedic for various EMS services.  During those 15 years Rochelle assisted teaching with many EMT courses, first responder courses and paramedic courses.  Rochelle has always enjoyed teaching and began her college degree in the education field before crossing over to the medical/ criminal justice field.  Obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in education and nursing in 2010. During her off time Rochelle began working in the search and rescue field and training search and rescue dogs, specifically cadaver dogs and joined the Newton Co Rescue and Recovery team.  This became a very big accomplishment for a few years later Rochelle became the K9 incident commander for the biggest Tornadic Incident in the United States, the “Joplin Tornado, May 22, 2011.” Since that time Rochelle moved to St. Louis and continued her career working for SSM Lake St. Louis ER as a Paramedic and also fortunately for us here at Pike Lincoln Technical Center as our Director of the EMS Program.  Besides being an instructor for the National organization Canine Search and Recovery for the past 3 years. Rochelle has taken on the feat of finding PLTC some fabulous instructors to challenge our students and give our students the education that will assist them in the field to provide for patients in their worst time of need.  Rochelle’s advice for our potential students is “Give us a try, you will be glad you did. We are a small school with a large gift to offer. PLTC has great new instructors with not only the field experience to show you what you need to know to succeed in the exam but also in the field.  You will NOT be disappointed!!! And the price is a plus too.”