The Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

The U.S. Department of Education created a standardized financial aid "Shopping Sheet", which Pike-Lincoln Technical Center (PLTC) is required to share with new students who are veterans. This consumer tool was designed by the federal government to help students make informed decisions about higher education and provide families with a tool to compare the Net Cost (total cost minus grants and scholarships) at different institutions. It provides a simplified overview of your financial aid, and should be considered supplemental information to your PLTC Financial Aid Award Letter and Award Letter Guide. The information provided also includes graduation rates, loan default rates, median borrowing and estimated monthly loan payments after graduation. This information will be provided to you when you meet with the financial aid office.

The federal Shopping Sheet may not include all your awards or resources. It does not include any Veterans Affairs education benefits you may have, including:

  • Montgomery GI Bill®

  • Post-9/11 GI Bill®

  • Yellow Ribbon Program

  • Federal Tuition Assistance

  •  For more information about VA programs, you should contact the Financial Aid Office at PLTC at 573-485-2900, extension 440.

Things to keep in mind

  • Although the recommended loan amount is zero, you may find the maximum you are eligible to borrow by speaking with our financial aid office. We recommend conservative borrowing, and encourage students to borrow only as much as they need.

  • This information is supplemental to your official PLTC Financial Aid Award Letter.

  • The Shopping Sheet was created by the U.S. Department of Education and we are required to provide it to new undergraduate students who are veterans.

  • The costs listed are subject to change.

  • The financial aid listed is contingent upon meeting all eligibility requirements and may also change if you add or drop classes.


Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA)
This is not the amount you owe the college. The COA is a reasonable estimate of the cost of attending PLTC and is the maximum amount of financial aid you can receive for an academic year. Your cost of attendance includes direct and indirect costs for education. Expenses included in the COA are: estimated cost of tuition and fees, estimated costs of room and board, books and supplies, travel, and miscellaneous expenses. Federal regulations restrict the amount of financial aid you may receive from all programs combined to be less than or equal to your COA. On a case-by-case basis, special adjustments may be made to increase your COA based on actual expenses incurred for child and dependent care. You must inquire about this special adjustment within the Financial Aid Office, and submit the required information for consideration (restrictions apply).

Grants and Scholarships to pay for college
Grants and scholarships are FREE monies which do not have to be repaid.*If you are eligible for any federal or state grants they will be listed in this section. You must complete the current year FAFSA, AND submit all supplemental forms, AND satisfy all other eligibility requirements in order for an amount to be listed in this section. (*Grants and scholarships may have to be repaid if you drop courses and lose eligibility per the terms of each specific program)

What will you pay for college (Net Costs)
This is the cost of attendance (listed above) minus grants and scholarships (listed above).

Loan Options
The amount for Federal Direct Loans (Subsidized or Unsubsidized) will be $X,XXX (or $0.00) unless you have applied and been approved for Federal Direct Loan(s) prior to viewing this Shopping Sheet, in which case you will see the loan amount approved. PLTC does not recommend that you borrow a student loan unless a loan is the only available option to pay for school. You should think seriously before you borrow – realize it must be repaid and consider how you will afford a monthly student loan payment in your future plans.

Other Options
The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is generated from your FAFSA based on the information you reported.

Graduation Rate
The graduation rate is for first-time, full-time degree or certificate-seeking undergraduate students who began at PLTC in Fall 2009. This is compared to the rates of similar institutions.

Loan Default Rate
Loan default rate refers to PLTC 3-year cohort default rate. This is the percentage of an institution's borrowers who entered repayment on certain Federal loans during a defined federal fiscal year. This is compared to the national rate.

Median Borrowing
Median borrowing refers to the median amount of Federal student loans borrowed for a students' attendance at PLTC. Data represent all borrowers who graduated or withdrew from PLTC during a defined federal fiscal year. All Federal student loans, including PLUS loans, are included for this cohort of borrowers.