Chris Wahoski Bio

Chris Wahoski started out his patient care provider career in 1998 in St Louis, Missouri.  Chris is a Gulf War Veteran who served with U.S. Air Force.  Chris was on search and rescue teams for both the Air Force and State of New Mexico from 1993-1997 and worked with paramedics so after a career change decided to join the EMS family.  Chris has worked with multiple agencies developing training programs, which includes Critical One EMS Academy, owner and Program Director for continuing education.  Chris is currently working at Christian EMS as a Critical Care Paramedic and Field Training Officer.  Chris is an educator that holds AAS in Paramedic Technology, instructorship methodology as a primary instructor, BLS, ACLS, PALS, AMLS, PHTLS Critical Care Paramedic.  Chris is an Advanced Tactical Medic that has worked with SWAT teams and various other agencies.  Chris’ high energy in helping others, believes that EMS education is vital to the EMS Clinician in preparing to meet the evolving challenges of the EMS Professions.